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I am pleased to announce that the website is back. It took a while, and I appreciate everybody’s support. I got a lot of communication asking about how everything was going. The answer is that things are well, at least as far as site progress is concerned. I have been working with a Pro-Liberty infrastructure and communications consultant since late February to acquire everything I needed to get the site back up.

The site is no longer running on leased equipment, and I am very excited about that. It is owned outright and tasked specifically to run this website. There are no policies to constrain the website and no overhead body that can kick the site off of its equipment. We are that overhead power, and we make our own Terms of Use for our own equipment.

It was debated whether I would re-name the project or stick with the original name and domain. The site received a LOT of criticism after the January 6th riots were baselessly linked with the January 17th Unity and Liberty meetups advertised here. The decision was to keep the name and all of the basic principles of the site consistent to the original, just opting to change minor pieces of the appearance.

The Unity and Liberty rallies, I hear, were a massive success. There was no violence and nothing seriously adverse occurred. I must own up to one of my mistakes though. I populated the Capitols list and accidentally mixed up an address for Alaska. The city I wrote down was Anchorage, Alaska. The Capitol is Juneau. The address listed in our articles corresponded to a mall in Anchorage, which had to close on the 17th because they panicked. An apology was offered which was accepted and appreciated.

As I continue to build this website, more possibilities will need volunteers. I will cross that bridge when I get there, but with your help, we can do some pretty cool stuff with this site. I look forward to providing the Liberty Community with news and support, and will do everything in my power to reach people with the good news of safety in Liberty and prosperity in Unity.

To All, Libertas Omnium.


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